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TEC Center Technology Tools for Early Learning

The library is delighted to partner with Erikson’s Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center, to give members of the Erikson community a chance to try out some of the fun tech tools that are available for enhancing children’s learning and development.

You’ll find more information about the TEC Center technology tools collection on their website, and you can also search for them in our online catalog. We also have books about coding in our children’s collection, if you would like additional resources to accompany your technological explorations.

We encourage you to evaluate each tool’s educational and social-emotional learning value as you play, explore, and learn on your own and with young children. Please ask the library or TEC Center staff any questions you may have and share your experiences with us. The TEC Center staff is happy to help you get started if this is your first time exploring using technology tools with young children. Here are some questions you should ask if you are looking to create a play or lesson plan with technology.

The TEC Center’s collection includes over 40 tangible technology tools and robotics. If you’d like to have some playtime with these tech tools — on your own, or with the children in your life — please come visit us in the library. These items can be checked out for a 7 day loan.

Technology Tools Downloadable Information Sheets

These downloadable information sheets were developed at the TEC Center and incorporate Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and include a brief overview of the tool, resources required/included, developmental considerations, and objectives. There are QR codes to link you to examples of the tech tool being used in classrooms and other settings.

Animal 4D Cards, call #: TEC 22

Bee-Bot, call #: TEC 24

Bloxels, call #: TEC 36

BLU Track, call #: TEC 32

Blue-Bot, call #: TEC 25

Blue-Bot Tactile Reader, call #: TEC 25.1

Code-a-pillar, call #: TEC 10

Cubelets,  call #: TEC 8

Cubetto, call #: TEC 28

Dash and Dot, call #: TEC 3

Design and Drill, call #: TEC 21

DIY Electro Dough Kit, call #: TEC 34

Hexbug, call #: TEC 19

Kibo, call #: TEC 12

KODO Rubber Stamp, call #: TEC 33

Let’s Go Code!, call #: TEC 29

Light Up Edison, call #: TEC 15

Light Up Tesla, call #: TEC 16

LittleBits, call #: TEC 35

Littlecodr., call #: TEC 13

Makey Makey, call #: TEC 5

Makey Makey Go, call #: TEC 5.1

Osmo, call #: TEC 6

Osmo Coding, call #: TEC 6.3

Osmo Creative Set, call #: TEC 6.5

Osmo Numbers, call #: TEC 6.2

Osmo Tangram, call #: TEC 6.1

Osmo Words, call #: TEC 6.4

Ozobot, call #: TEC 14

Proscope, call #: TEC 31

Puzzlets, call #: TEC 7

Robot Mouse, call #: TEC 9.1

Robot Mouse Activity Set, call #: TEC 9

Robot Turtles, call #: TEC 4

Smart Numbers, call #: TEC 1

Snap Circuit Beginner, call #:  TEC 18

Snap Circuit Jr, call #: TEC 17

Space 4D+ Cards, call #: TEC 23

Sphero Mini, call #: TEC 11.1

Sphero SPRK+, call #: TEC 11

Squishy Circuits

Tiggly Math, call #: TEC 2.2

Tiggly Shapes, call #: TEC 2

Tiggly Words, call #: TEC 2.1

Zoomy, call #: TEC 20