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Check-Out the Library Button Maker

Did you know?

The library now has a button maker you can check out and use for your upcoming projects and events! Click the link below to place a hold through the online library catalog, or visit us on the second floor to inquire about availability with the circulation desk! 

     Edward Neisser Library Catalog


*For any projects requiring more than 50 buttons, please contact us to confirm we have the appropriate materials available at the time of checkout. 

How to: Create your Button Design

There are several methods to creating a button design online that fits our button maker sizing. 


PLEASE NOTE: The library button maker is only capable of making 32mm (1.25-inch) buttons. It is crucial that you size your design correctly so as to not get cut off during the physical button-making process. 

Email to set up an appointment if you need additional assistance with your button designs. 

Materials Needed

The library will ensure all of the items needed are in the materials box during checkout, but here is a handy visual of everything needed to create your buttons with the button maker. 

      picture of an adjustable circle cutter

 Clear film button covers                           32mm blank pre-cut papers (extras)                               Plastic paper cutter



Metal top part                                               Metal pinned back part                                     Plastic pinned back part


And we can't forget!...  

   Button Maker Machine