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The library welcomes the donation of professional and scholarly books and media, children’s books, and other materials that fall within the general scope of the library’s collection and that are appropriate to the library’s role in meeting the academic mission of Erikson Institute. However, due to space limitations and processing costs, we can’t place all donations in the library.

Gifts are evaluated on the basis of present academic need, scholarly value, and physical condition. As a general rule, the library does not accept popular magazines, mass market paperbacks, books in poor physical condition, or materials that do not contribute to the academic mission of Erikson Institute.

Before you bring your donations to us …

Please consider checking our online catalog, to see if we already have copies of these items. We will add duplicate copies to our collection upon occasion (e.g., if the titles circulate frequently, are used for Erikson courses, or contain information that is especially relevant to the academic mission of Erikson Institute). If the Library already owns those titles — or if you would like to explore other/additional donation opportunities — please consider donating your items to organizations such as Open Books or Chicago Books to Women in Prison.

Our donation process

Due to space limitations and processing costs, not all donations can be placed in the library. Donated library materials will be retained when their content contributes to the purpose of the Edward Neisser Library collection. Unless otherwise stated by the donor, donations are accepted on the condition that the library is free to sell or discard any materials that do not meet the collection criteria. Any deviation from this policy must be negotiated before the donation takes place.

Gift materials accepted for the collections will be given the same care and protection that is bestowed on purchased materials and that the library assumes no responsibility or liability of any kind for any loss or injury which may occur in spite of such care and protection.

If contact information is available, the library will provide a letter of acknowledgment for tax purposes. All donations will be acknowledged in writing at time of receipt, regardless of their ultimate disposition.

If you have any questions about book donations, please contact Karen Janke, library director, at (312) 893-7210 or via email at