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The Library

The Library at Erikson

The Edward Neisser Library is located on the second floor of Erikson Institute. It is accessible by the lobby Braille-encoded elevators, and has an open entrance with security gates measuring 34 cm wide. 

At the front of the library is the Help Desk which is standard height and includes a lower section to accommodate wheelchairs. Patrons may also check out assistive technology from the staff member at the Help Desk. We keep a current list of all available assistive resources in the Borrowing section of our website. For additional help, please call (312) 893-7210. 

Restrooms with ADA compliant stalls are located in the hallway to the South of the library. There is a Women's designated restroom as well as a unisex restroom available for all visitors. Braille-encoded signs are posted outside each restroom. 

You can find more information on Erikson's statement and procedures for students with disabilities on the Erikson website

The entire building is fully accessible to persons with disabilities.

  • The entrance to the ground floor, which is at street level, includes an ADA standard manual door that opens automatically at the push of a button
  • The three upper floors are served by elevators
  • All bathrooms are equipped with ADA standard stalls in two designs
  • Sinks and water fountains are at appropriate heights for persons in wheelchairs
  • Hallways are wide and uncluttered
  • Wayfinding signage is at an appropriate height for persons using wheelchairs and available in Braille for persons with visual impairment
  • Classrooms, seminar rooms, and hallways are equipped with strobe lights to alert persons with hearing impairment of an emergency
  • Each floor has an area of rescue assistance for people who are unable to exit by stairs in an emergency
  • ADA-accessible parking is available within two blocks of our front entrance

Coming to visit

Erikson is barrier-free and fully accessible. If you need assistance or accommodation, please contact the Erikson reception desk at (312) 755-2250 in advance or upon arrival.

The library is accessible by public transit with nearby CTA train and bus stops. Street parking as well as several parking garages are also nearby. For more information on CTA stations and parking, please visit the Erikson Institute's page on Location, Directions, and Accommodations

Here to help

Please contact Stripe Gandara for any questions or for support. You can find more information, and Stripe's contact information, by visiting the Academic Success Center's page on Accommodations for Disabilities.