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Streaming Video Subscription Resources

These are streaming video collections that the library has purchased or subscribed to.  No additional costs are generated by viewing these videos.

To search for streaming videos by title or topic, use our library catalog and limit your results to Item Type 'Online Video'. 

Streaming Video - Purchase on Demand

These streaming video platforms features films from a variety of disciplines on purchase-on-demand basis. Viewing a video more than a set number of times triggers a purchase. Watching for at least 30 seconds is considered one “view.”  If you would like to use one of these videos in a classroom setting, please contact so a librarian can advise you.

Note: Kanopy videos cannot be shared over Zoom.  
Due to copyright, Kanopy requires users to go through user authentication to access Kanopy films. Because screensharing a film over Zoom does not require individual users to log into Kanopy, Zoom participants will see a black screen instead of the film. Kanopy advises professors who would like to discuss a film over Zoom to share the link to the film and have students mute themselves, navigate to another tab of their browser, watch the selected clip, and then come back to the Zoom. If you would like your students to watch select film clips, you can use the clips/playlist feature of Kanopy to create a playlist to share with your students.

Observation Videos for Early Childhood Professionals

The freely available videos below provide opportunities for observation of children in action in a variety of settings, as well as information and instruction on a variety of early childhood topics.