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Faculty & Staff

Next Steps For Erikson Faculty & Staff


Hello new Faculty or Instructor, we're so happy to welcome you to the Erikson Community!

The purpose of this website is to guide you through the logistics of teaching at Erikson. Although this resource lives on the library's website, it is a collaborative effort from the many teams and departments that you and your students will interact with at Erikson. Including but not limited to:

  • Academic Success Center
  • Academic Advising
  • Career Services
  • Disability Services
  • Distance Learning
  • Field Education
  • IT
  • Library
  • Registration & Student Records

You should work through each of these steps well before your first semester begins. If you have questions about any of these steps, contact information is given below each step. 

You will have received an email to your personal email account that includes information about how to access your Erikson Computing Credentials. This account is used for all Erikson resources: Email, my.erikson, Canvas, Library subscription resources and catalog, etc.

  1. Reset your temporary password and to enroll in password recovery. The Password Recovery site lets you recover your password if you forget it or are locked out of your account. Need help?  Read step-by-step instructions.
  2. Once you have activated your computing accounts, you will gain access to the full Microsoft Office suite of applications available on Office 365, like Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and many more. These are available either as web applications online or by downloading desktop versions to your personal computer. You can store documents online in OneDrive.
  3. Access Office 365 by logging into with your email address and password. When you are logged in to, use Outlook to access your Email, or add to any smart phone following these instructions.
  4. If you have a personal account, or if you have another employer who also uses, it is recommended that you use one browser for your Erikson and a different browser for your second account. It can be very time consuming to switch between the two and is not often effective. You will encounter problems accessing resources.  
  5. If you need assistance with any of these steps, please email

A direct link is, or you can access whenever you are in in the SharePoint app.

Faculty/Staff permissions are required to view this site.  If you cannot, please email

Most departments at Erikson have a space on this site to share important information with the Erikson employee community.  Some important resources available here include:

Brand Center

  • Erikson-branded letterhead and Powerpoint decks available for download
  • Brand Toolkit – email signature guidelines, guidelines for presentations made outside Erikson or to outside groups meeting at Erikson.
  • Instructions for submitting website edits
  • Logos, Icons, Photos, virtual Zoom backgrounds

Human Resources          

  • Forms, Links, Documents

IT Help & Resources

  • VPN and work from home information
  • Office Phone instructions

DEIBJ Council

Archived all-staff communications & newsletters

Click the three dots (circled in yellow in the following image) for more departments, Click the star to 'follow' and create a quick link from the SharePoint main menu.

Screen shot of Erikson Intranet site

  1. Customize your email signature. Please review the signature guidelines available on the Intranet in the Brand Center, in the Brand Toolkit document.
  2. To add a signature, from the Outlook app on your computer:
    1. File > Options.  
    2. Under Mail, in the Compose messages area is a link to Signatures.
    3. Select New, type a name, select OK.
    4. In the Edit signature box, compose your signature (try pasting the example from the Brand Toolkit) and select save
    5. To set your new signature as default, under Choose default signature, select the drop-down box next to New Messages or Replies/forwards, and pick your new signature.

  3. Please consider adding your photo to  This will cause your photo to appear next to your name in emails and helps your new colleagues put a name with a face.   Log in to, in the top right corner is a round circle with the Erikson logo of an adult/child (looks like two lowercase Is). Click that.  Then click on ’My Office Profile’ then ‘Change Photo’ to upload a photo.
  4. Please add the Academic Due Dates Calendar to your Outlook. Instructions available on the FAQ site. This calendar is meant for Faculty, Instructors, and Academic Staff and it will list all the important academic events, due dates, and deadlines.

The Academic Advising Office provides students with ongoing support throughout the entirety of their program. Program Directors, Seminar Leaders and faculty members work closely with the Academic Advisor to check in with students and guide them towards graduation.

Online MSECE students will work with the Academic Advisor and Program Director to create a program plan based on their interests and goals.

All students in master’s degree or certificate programs are encouraged to connect with the Academic Advising Office to explore options for support, review program plans before each registration period, and ask any questions related to graduate school.

All faculty members are welcome to involve the Academic Advising Office in any situations related to student attendance, changes to a student’s program plan or course sequence, and any questions concerning a change in a student’s status at Erikson.

For all questions related to advising, please contact Natalie Dowdell at


The Library is not just for students, we offer many great resources for faculty & staff as well.

Your Erikson Single Sign On credentials provide access to our online resources, including:

  • eBooks - scholarly and popular
  • Journal subscriptions and Research Databases
  • Streaming videos
  • Audiobooks

Please begin on the library’s website for proper authentication. 

Our physical collection includes scholarly and practitioner books, children's books, tests and assessments, DVDs and other media, and much more. An easy place to start is the Library's catalog, and if you can't find what you're looking for, let us know! 

You are already in the ‘Faculty/Staff’ section, but check out the menu to the left for more information specific to Faculty, particularly regarding course prep and planning. 

Other things to check off your list related to the library’s collection and services.

  • Fill out a Borrower Account Application. You can access subscription resources without this form using your SSO credentials, but to borrow books you must complete the form before we can create an account for you in the checkout system.  Once you have an account, you'll use your SSO credentials to log into the catalog, where you an place holds and renew books. 
  • The library has a site license to the Chronicle of Higher Education.  For off-campus access and to receive email newsletters, create an account at using your Erikson email address.
  • Set up Google Scholar to combine the ease of a google search with access to Erikson library-subscribed resources. A quick video tutorial is available on the library website.
  • While all librarians have personal emails, we request that you email when you have a question or need our assistance.  This will create a help ticket and ensure a prompt reply.  It’s helpful if you do not include additional people on emails to LibraryHelp.  When someone 'replies all' it will create multiple help tickets.

Canvas is Erikson's Learning Management System (LMS).  Every course at Erikson has a course in Canvas.  Canvas is where students access their syllabi and required readings.  Please complete the following steps to familiarize yourself with Canvas. 

  1. Log into canvas and complete the Growing with Canvas Instructor Training Course.  This required self-paced tutorial prepares you to learn how to use Canvas in your classes.
  2. Complete your Canvas profile by selecting “Account” in the Global Navigation menu and then selecting profile.
    screen shot of Canvas showing how to locate account profile
  3. Set your Canvas notification settings to select how you’ll want to receive course messages and notifications.
  4. Review your Canvas courses; these can be found on your Canvas Dashboard. Customize your dashboard to set the active courses you want to show in your Course list.
  5. Complete the instructor information section located in the “Getting Started” module in each course page in Canvas.  Students will have access to this information two weeks prior to the semester start. Please provide contact information including a brief biography, availability information, communication preferences, response time, and picture.
  6. Check your course for the following:
    1. Ensure that your course appropriately reflects your syllabus.
    2. Check that all links, files, videos, and external URLs are active and working.
    3. Please email if you need assistance.