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Assessments in Courses

The Library has a large collection of tests, measurements, and assessments that can be used in courses.  However, our supply of assessments and accompanying forms is not infinite. It can take weeks to order forms from the publishers.

If you plan on using any of these materials in your course, please contact the Library at least one month before the course begins.

After coordinating with the Library, you will need to provide accurate, updated information in your syllabus so students know what to expect.

What the Library needs to know:

  1. The assessments you want to use and the number of copies of each that are needed.
  2. If there are forms associated with the assessments, will students need copies of these forms? Please note: some forms have associated costs that will be charged to a student's account.
  3. What is the planned use of the assessment? Will you be doing a demonstration during a class, or are your students expected to perform the assessment on their own time?
  4. When will the assessments be needed?  Please provide the dates they will be needed, not the week of the semester.
  5. If students are expected to perform the assessments, will they be picking them up in person or do we need to mail out copies? Please note: shipping assessments may incur costs that will be charged to a student's account.