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APA Style & Student Paper Formatting

APA 7th Edition: Cite, you must  

A sample research paper with proper APA formatting and references.




Forlenza, S. (2020, January 20). APA style 7th edition: Student paper formatting [Video]. YouTube. 

In-text Citations & Quotations


Forlenza, S. (2020, January 20). APA style 7th edition: In-text citations, quotations, and plagiarism [Video]. YouTube.


Reference List Resources

APA Reference List Quick Guide


American Psychological Association. (2020). APA style: 7th edition reference quick guide.

Reference examples for Erikson textbooks: 

Bjorklund, D. F. & Causey, K. B. (2017). Children’s thinking: Cognitive development and individual differences (6th ed.). SAGE Publishing.

Lightfoot, C., Cole, M., & Cole, S. R. (2018). The development of children (8th ed.). Worth Publishers.

Davies, D. & Troy, M. F. (2020). Child development: A practitioner’s guide (4th ed.). The Guilford Press.