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Academic Success Center


After a consultation with Stripe, you may be paired with a tutor for ongoing individual academic support. Tutors at the ASC are alumni of Erikson. As such, they are familiar with course content and class assignments, and they have a personal understanding of the questions and concerns you may have about your graduate work.

Process for receiving a tutor

When you are paired with an ASC tutor, you are expected to meet for one-hour sessions every week. In order to help you be successful in your coursework, the tutor will need to learn how you think, what your strengths are, what your challenges are, etc. To benefit from this relationship, it requires consistency, and your success depends on a process. If you cannot commit to weekly one-hour sessions, you must use the other support services that the ASC offers.

What to expect

Erikson’s one-on-one support represents a partnership between a student and an ASC tutor. By agreeing to work with a tutor, you agree to be an active participant in this partnership. The goal of individualized support is to help you become a more independent learner with assistance provided by a tutor who is an Erikson alumnus. While one-one one sessions can be an effective means of support, it is not meant to replace the expertise of the professor, individual study, or additional study groups. You may need to use a combination of these resources to achieve your goals.  ASC tutors aim to encourage, motivate, and empower you to own your learning experience. Our goal is to prepare you for academic success to the best of our ability, though without promise that your grades will improve.

The ASC works as part of an academic programs team. This team includes faculty instructors, program directors, enrollment management, registration and records, and the Director of Student Affairs. Sometimes, in the interest of academic planning of supporting students who are experiencing academic challenges, we do share information regarding your progress with appropriate members of the team. The kind of information that may be shared would only be information that impacts your academic progress and planning. 

Quote from student on how helpful tutors have beenQuote from student on how helpful tutors have been

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?