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Writing and Academic Support Resources for Students

Erikson Institute’s Academic Success Center and Kathy and Grant Pick Writing Program provide online and on-campus support and resources to help you excel in your chosen program.

All master’s students at Erikson are welcome to use these free resources for assistance with a variety of course assignments and writing projects.


You can request an in-person or online consultation with Stripe Gandara, Director of Academic Support and Disability Services, to discuss writing or academic work. Email or visit the Academic Success Center in Room 216, located in the library.

On-campus drop-in support

You may visit the ASC in room 216 to ask questions about your writing and class assignments or if you have additional concerns about academic support.

Online drop-in support

Students may send assignments to for feedback. Please be aware of the following stipulations:

  • Assignments must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of a due date (and please expect up to 48 hours for feedback).
  • The writing tutor who reads your assignment will spend a maximum of one hour on your assignment and will provide feedback once per assignment. 
  • Emails sent to the ASC must request specific feedback rather than general requests asking someone to “look over” or “edit” a paper. (Please indicate what concerns you have about your paper: e.g. organization, APA citations, concept understanding, grammar, etc.)
  • You must include the assignment instructions in your email.
  • You must indicate the name of the course the assignment is for (i.e. C432: Family and Culture).
  • All assignments must be submitted in a Word document.
Individual writing support sessions

After a consultation, you may be paired with a tutor for ongoing individual academic support. Tutors at the ASC are alumni of Erikson. As such, they are familiar with the course content and class assignments, and they have a personal understanding of the questions and concerns you have about your graduate work.

Course-specific group study sessions

Each semester, the ASC facilitates group study sessions that focus on the content of child development courses. These tutor-led sessions provide an opportunity for you and your peers to support each other in your program of study.

If you have any questions regarding online academic support, please email Stripe Gandara at